Lingo games - Learn english by playing games!

Lingo Games is an innovative combination of applications to study English with casual games. First, you learn new words using flashcards, and then consolidate vocabulary by playing attractive games. The application itself will create a learning schedule and remind you of the words at the right time.

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Reverse Movie FX: magic video

Reverse Movie FX is an app that lets you create a reverse video that looks like a magic trick!

Zombie my photo!

Change your face to zombie in few clicks!

iWish: video greetings cards

iWish is simple greeting cards maker for your videos!

Spelling Games

Cool game for kids to learn spelling. Play a popular Bomber, Snake, Space Invaders games and improve your spelling skills on iPhone!

Learn by playing!

eTeacher - Learn english

enTeacher is a collection of exercises and tests for learning and improving English language on different difficulty levels. You can learn new words, correct usage of words in various contexts, grammar and use of English in various situations.

Version for learning French also available!

Bug Smasher

Beutiful graphics, animations, many bugs to smush. Compete with your friends, smash as much bugs as you can. You will find here:
  • wasps
  • ants
  • cockroaches
  • ladybugs
  • butterflies

Dark Copter

Dark Copter is simple but very addictive casual game. It is famous game kown as helicopter. Our application is kept in the dark style.

Movie Booth: Color Effect

Shoot a video, pick the color that stays, enjoy cool splash effect and share the result!

This powerfull app is very easy to use. Just touch the color you like on the screen ;) App will leave your color and change everything else to black & white!

Angry Tax Collector

Tax Collectors job is not easy ...

You are an Angry Tax Collector. You have one goal: Collect as much money as you can from innocent citizens! Discover 5 different worlds!

Movie Booth FX

Do you want to be an action movie director?

Now you can!! With movie booth you will amaze your friends. Just shoot a movie, select the best moment and add a special movie FX! Inculdes 8 best effects!

Ninja: Running Game

Run as far as you can, Collect points, defeat your enemies and earn combo points

Face Editor

Add your photo from gallery or Camera and start funny editing!

Color Effect

This powerfull app lets you make color splash (partial black and white) effect very easy by touching the screen!

Just choose photo, turn it to black & white and bring the color back with your touch.

Eye Color Booth

Eye Color Booth is extremely easy to use eyes color changer!

Comfortable controls let the user to carefully set eye size and position where the color is going to show up.

instaBaby - find out your future baby face!

choose 2 photos and wait for result. Our algorithms are working for you!

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